Aquatic Therapy

Burris Construction Company has again propelled its innovative momentum by introducing cutting-edge aquatic therapy pools in its skilled nursing and assisted living facilities – the first in New Jersey to do so.

Now included in its suite of design-build services, Burris offers the HydroWorx 2000 Series aquatic therapy pool to promote elder exercise, rehabilitation, maintenance and injury prevention in an accessible and safe environment. Patients are walked or wheeled onto the pool's raised floor, then gently and slowly lowered into any water depth up to six feet. The pool's advanced technology features underwater treadmills, resistance therapy jets, hydro massage, variable water temperature and removable stainless steel support bars.

The Burris Construction Company's focus on continual support of best practices in patient care is reflected by offering the same in-house aquatic therapeutic technology currently used by internationally recognized institutions as the Cleveland Clinic and Kennedy Kreiger.