Beyond Design-Build Excellence & Innovation

Burris Construction Company’s dedication to excellence and innovation goes beyond the arena of the design-build industry. It extends into its commitment for historic preservation and community support.

In 2013, Burris lent its support to such projects as the Swedes Run Barn, a symbol of Moorestown Township’s past, through a donation for the unexpected additional cost for the roof’s restoration. A ballpark banquet and a Fiat raffle were just part of the fun at the Open House held at the Company’s headquarters on Main Street for the benefit of Percheron Park, a part of the revitalization of the Town Center area.

Community support continued when Our Shared Ground, a non-profit organization whose bread operation helps bring nutrition to families in need in two counties, needed materials and labor for electric, water and sewer hookups. Burris met their need with the donation of labor and materials. MooreKids, a Moorestown organization that addresses the needs of students of families facing financial hardship, became a recipient of a donation immediately upon Burris learning of the organization and its mission.

Burris Construction Company is grateful to be part of the community and to have the opportunity to help make a difference.