Energy Efficiency

William G. Burris, president and CEO of Burris Construction Company, continues to advance towards his goal of zero net energy in the post-acute rehabilitation facilities that he designs and builds. The latest stepping stone to this goal is his partnership with Miele Professional in the development of the H2O dryer.

This revolutionary technology uses available hot water, which is centrally heated with solar-thermal power or district heating, to increase the process air temperature in the tumble dryer's heater bank. Since H2O dryers are heated at very little expense, electricity consumption is decreased by up to 90 percent. To decrease energy consumption even further, all programs are designed to operate at lower process air temperatures.

All designs and technology used by Burris Construction Company are within the limits of resident requirements and regulations. Other innovations to provide patient comfort and energy efficiency include:

The use of window glass manufactured by Pittsburgh Plate Glass that provides natural light in resident's rooms while controlling sound and transmission of heat or cold through the glass.

Geothermal heat pumps, a progressive innovation from Climate Masters, that provides heating and cooling using system water via 400-foot-deep wells circulating the well water through the building and returning it the earth.

More information can be found in Burris' Focus 2012 on the partnerships and energy-efficient technology used by Burris Construction Company throughout its facilities to meet the goal of zero net energy and to increase the bottom line of its operators.