Miele H2O Dryer

Burris Construction Company has again partnered with Miele Professional to take the next step closer to Burris' vision of setting new standards in energy efficiency.

Their initial collaboration brought the first U.S. installation of Miele Professional's heat pump dryer. This innovative technology reduced electricity cost by 60 percent and was recognized by the EPA for significantly reducing carbon emissions. As laundry demands peaked at the Burris designed and built rehabilitation facilities, a more energy efficient dryer with a higher laundry throughput was needed. The result: Miele's new H2O dryer.

The H2O dryer significantly reduces carbon emissions and decreased electricity consumption by up to 90 percent. By using hot water, which is centrally heated with solar-thermal power or district heating, the process air temperature in the tumble dryer's heater bank is increased. Energy consumption is decreased even further since all programs are designed to operate at lower process air temperatures.

Burris Construction Company will be installing the Miele H2O dryers in its new short-term rehabilitation centers in New Jersey.