PowerBack Rehabilitation in Piscataway

PROJECT: PowerBack Rehabilitation in Piscataway
LOCATION: Piscataway, NJ

Burris Construction Company is changing the landscape of healthcare in Middlesex County with the construction of PowerBack Rehabilitation in Piscataway. The Piscataway facility is the third PowerBack Genesis HealthCare facility to be designed and built by Burris Construction Company.

Challenge: Establish building's energy recovery performance while implementing unique critical programming designed to include advanced rehabilitation, optimal medical care for the short-term patient journey from hospital to home.

Solution: To continue with the Burris commitment and vision that was established with the PowerBack Rehabilitation prototype in Voorhees to build a facility that would achieve close to zero net energy use, provide advanced rehabilitation and greater efficiency in patient care.

PowerBack will have a Physician on staff all day. Its specialty medical services will be provided by specialists that include Nurse Practitioners and Nurses trained in Cardiac, Orthopedic and Pulmonary Management, Consulting Cardiologist and Pulmonologist, Therapists, Consulting Pharmacist and Nutritionists.

Construction has begun on PowerBack Rehabilitation in Piscataway which is scheduled to open in 2015. We will continue to update you on its progress.

Always the pioneering leader, Burris has incorporated a radically functional aquatic therapy pool in its healthcare facility design build process – the HydroWorx 2000 Series. Now part of PowerBack's 5,000 square foot rehabilitation suite, the pool's advanced technology features underwater treadmills, resistance therapy jets, hydro massage, variable water temperature and removable stainless steel support bars. The pool's raised floor slowly lowers into any water depth up to six feet and accommodates up to six people during therapy workout sessions.